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Surface: Gesso parel
Materials: Waterproof plywood, Khadi cloth, Chalk powder, Gumarabic, Natural pigments, Gold foil, Swarovski crystals, Glass beads.
Size: 74 x 74.5 cms
Date: April 2021

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Hello everyone, welcome to my page! I am Lalita, I come from the city of Hyderabad. I am a traditional artist, specialising in Indian Classical and Folk art. I am a graduate of the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. Currently, I am working on (Indian miniature :Basohli, Guler , kangra and Mysore ). I also maintain a deep interest in South Indian traditions, and have worked on Tanjore, Mysore, Pattachitra, Kerala, Mural Pichwai, Kalamkari, Madhubhani,Cherial and warli in the past.

I’m also a professional vocalist, trained in South Indian Classical music for over 3 decades. I have graduated with an M.A. in South Indian music from Madras University.